Thursday, January 26, 2012


These are the last few days before life changes entirely-or so we have been told (by EVERYONE with a child).

39 weeks and counting!

I was pondering/cherishing many things the other night and even had small tears in my eyes when my beautiful husband walked by and started dancing in the way only he can and I fell even more in love with the man who will soon be our baby's father (in real time).

I am so blessed to be married to someone that I want our child to be like in every single way. 

"Little one: you are being born to the greatest father I will ever know."

I am in awe of this beautiful woman: she is one of the most lovely and joyful ladies I know and has a story that would captivate your heart.  We were walking at the end of the April and literally said, "How cool would it be if God let both of us be pregnant at the same time?"  Well...she is due tomorrow and I am due next Tuesday :)

You can read part of her story here.  Pray baby Emma comes soon and debuts her beautiful face to this world :)

Off to the 39 week visit-we shall see where the wee one is!

xoxo, Anna N


  1. For one, you look great for being so close to the finish line. Having a baby is a big change, but the greatest change that will ever happen to you and your handsome:)

  2. So much fun to have followed you all these months. Now, a day, a moment, a minute a few pushes (you hope) and precious squishy pink and beautiful baby will fill your body, your spaces in in ways that only us mama's know. May God give you added treasure yet to be discovered those moments before you see him. Love, elizabeth

  3. Oh Anna! What an honor it is to be your friend, to share this journey of pregnancy with you, and to make this little appearance on your blog. I can't wait to meet baby Norman, knowing she or he will be one incredible child with parents like you and Matt. To think of all the joy that still awaits us as mothers to these little ones and friends makes me smile to tears. So grateful to our God who has given us so much!


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