Monday, February 28, 2011


My husband.  Worth the wait.

worth: –preposition

good or important enough to justify

This topic is something that is really, truly very near and dear to my heart. One of the main reasons being I have spent a lot of time with a beautiful high schooler (she was 12 when we met, now 16), and my passion and heart behind this topic grows more and more each day.

The topic  Whether you believe there is a God or if you in fact believe there is a God and personally know Him, please listen.  I know that culture tells us that God is against sex but I deeply, deeply ask you to listen to this. God has TONS (T O N S) to say on it and you might very well be entirely shocked about how captivating His desires for us are.  I know I wish I would have heard this 15 years ago.

This is for anyone who has thought that a one-night-stand was supposed to matter, for anyone who thought being a virgin left you paralyzed in society, for anyone who has never been called back after giving part of themselves away, for anyone who thought that sex was supposed to be greater, for anyone who thought that you were supposed to be deeply loved to the core of who you are, for anyone who believes that marriage is (or should be) INSANELY beautiful, for anyone who believes that maybe, just maybe, there is something more.

Please listen to "sex is..."

All my love.  So Truly.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Is so powerful-truly. I never knew what it meant that you actually fall more in love with someone more and more after you marry them.  Might be a cliche-but it turns out most cliches are true.  For someone to know you more and more (even all of the downsides) and love you all the more...

For the ladies waiting- I KNOW God is good.  Of that I am sure.  He will bring you to your handsome-in the mean time: have craft nights, travel, volunteer/serve, love wrecklessly those around you, adopt those who need love, care for the orphan and the widow, and find out ALL you can about how much God loves you. No man will EVER be able to love you as much as your Maker.

"i will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well" Psalm 139:14

Baby-I am blogging this for you.  Not because it is Hallmark Day but because I am "madly (angrily, furiously, hehe)" in love with you.  You represent Jesus to me in so many ways: you are kind, you are loving and strong at the same time, you love fearlessly (to all), you are a leader, you are the most handsome man I have ever seen, you make life more and more lovely everyday, you are so beautiful to me...I see God's love for me in every attribute of you.

You are God's arms wrapped around me on this earth.  "Dancing in the kitchen at 2am?"

And you are the silliest person I know-you make waking up in the morning beautiful.

"perfect love casts out fear" 1 john 4:18

Thank you, Jesus. For Your sacrifice, Your salvation, Your grace...all so we can behold the magnificence of  life while we reside here.  As I vowed, I will thank you every day for this man you have given me.

"now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or think" ephesians 3:20 

Friday, February 11, 2011


I have come to learn that I am not a great beautiful friend (also a beautiful writer: was commenting on how she blogs five times a week. I think I had a look of shock on my face.  Thus here is my bi-weekly attempt at blogging :)

Nonetheless-terrificness has been found in the last few weeks!  Three things:
a) Disneyland was a million times "funner" with a handsome hubby than I thought possible.
2) I lOvE antique stores, aka: old stuff storage, envisioning greatness in what seem to be meaningless items.
c) The women's all night of prayer is tonight, 12am-6am!!!!, and I am quite excited.  It is REALLY crazy to me to think that there is a God (that is a big enough thought on its own) that loves us is the clincher...cares to hear from us.

Well fine-four things. I told Matt that I really only have Disneyland on my list for places to go while on this earth (before heaven) because-here is my theory: I am pretty sure heaven will be the most amazing place ever, with Jesus being there and all, and since it is the Creator creating it and making it perfect I can imagine it will TRUMP Bora Bora, Italy, Bali, Tahiti, etc.  The one thing I am pretty sure of though is this: Disneyland will not be there....thus-I must go now! It is my top "trip priority" while residing. Fortunately, my oh-so-handsome-hubby loves it, too.

Talk about blessed.

THE HIGHLIGHTS (a few shots from around our house with vintage finds and of course, some "happiest place in the world-ness")

Pretty sure everything here is old-aside from the clock and the bose speakers...don't be jealous of the commentary of Leviticus :) For book lovers-that is a seriously old copy of Les Mis-OLD.
Strange thing is Matt and I both collected/collect old books.

Believe it-Matt is working on ALL of these currently. Yes, I witness it at 5:45 each morning-love him.

Old School chalk board along with two vintage "scoopers" for the flour and sugar.  A find!

Propeller and elk cuff links!?!?!?
The clouds came the last day just so us Oregonians didn't start to feel weird without them.