Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uppy updates.

I love alliteration.

First things first: the Christmas Tree. More specifically, the lights.  Oh, the sadness.  You see, I LOVE our lights. They are globe lights instead of the traditional ones and I am quite sure they are safe for trees (and yes, our tree is very well watered and not dry).  However, upon close surveying the other day, I found the beautiful lights were literally burning our tree.

What?!?! I know.  Don't worry-I have it on my list to call Target and let them know (these lights are also $9/strand and yes, they will take them back).

No bueno.  Do you see the burns?  I turned it on to take these pics...
Second:  We are due in a 1.5 months!  33 weeks.  Here are some pics from the nursery (I am in a standstill mode currently for no great reason other than creative block), the future diaper bag (I am assuming I will be even more excited about the baby than I am for this bag), the yellow/white/ducky brigade, Matt's mobile from growing up (!), and...the belly.

My mother told me it is possible to get bigger.  Clearly, she is right.  The coat I could zip two days ago no longer zips. Tiddlywinks.  

I am also working on getting a video of the workout machine in my tummy.  Mover and shaker.

It was spinning...

Isn't she a beauty???  And the elephant-come one, anything cuter?


  1. I hope you can get some better working lights! That's terrible that they are burning the tree.

    You look great! The nursery is so cute, and I love the bag!

  2. you did so great at decorating the nursery! Yellow is one of my favs

  3. the nursery looks great! good job mama :) cannot wait till Henry/Ruth makes his/her appearance!

  4. Oh my goodness! How freaky that the lights are burning your tree. And sad because they are so cool looking (kinda like light-up ornaments)! Also, turquoise and yellow has got to be the most perfect gender neutral color scheme! I'm pinning it.

  5. P.S. I pinned that pic of your nursery like 20 minutes ago and it's already been repinned 7 times. You should be proud : )

  6. I'm loving the nursery! You are so talented with design and anything creative. I can't wait to see rest of the house! xo

  7. Ummm...yellow is my FAVORITE! I'm obsessed with it. And I LOVE your nursery!!!


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