Thursday, December 15, 2011

THE Bachelorette Pad Hotties

I seriously love these girls. Talk about a raise in the standard of people you know just by knowing anyone one of them...let alone five!  

This is where I used to live (I lived with my sis, the diva blonde with the insane model poses and Courtney, the gorgeous brunette with the curly locks and cream scarf.

I got to take their roomie pics for their Christmas card last weekend.  How do you get so many beautiful gals in one place?!?!?  Boys, you should be asking yourselves that and then do something about (only if you are amazing, godly, handsome, and well, funny).

That is their fish-Betsy.

Hey gorgeous are they?  And they are all the most beautiful, kind, giving/generous, serving others, group of gals ever!


  1. aw how cute! they are so cute, love the pictures! you did a great job.

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about purity, so encouraging to read your wise words & to see your wedding pictures and read your story - i love to see how God brings people together in His perfect timing :)



  2. very cool photos! it's always lovely to see candid shots with genuine people as subject. you all look fab!

  3. Such an adorable photo shoot!! I miss living in such a lovely household...I hope I still hold a place in the heart of the original Bachelorette Pad, those two years hold a very meaningful place in my heart :)


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