Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Oh how I adore this man. Yes, that is him, scrubbing our floor with a mop and a wire brush at 9pm.  

Babe-have I told you today how awesome you are? 

And here are a few baby shots with the high-tech Photo Booth (someday we will start using our new camera to the fullest).

Because wearing stripes minimizes :) 
I know. How great is he.  Our kiddos will have the most fun dad. 
I am trying to make old clothes work. Trying.  Something about buttons looking like they are going to pop off that just oozes awesome.

Oh, well hello little person. I hope you are enjoying your workout studio.  I wish I was getting as in shape as you are!
Off to bake something.

xoxo, Anna N

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