Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Home sweet (to the ants, too), home.

Oh the joy of having lunches/dinners at home again!  We realized we had only eaten dinner at our own home once (30 days of remodeling while living at the other place and one week here without a kitchen) for nearly 40 days.  Which, in retrospect, is a luxury within itself to even have a kitchen...I wonder what percentage of the world doesn't have one?? Oh, and the toilets...another luxury! Seriously, bathrooms in our own homes?!?!

I will post later on my new-found love (the new range with double ovens and half the price)...

Two weeks ago...
A little preview....again, thank you, Jesus for such a handy husband! He cut out that hole in butcher block along with installing EVERYTHING else.
Here are some photos of dinners the last few days: home made chicken noodle soup, tri-tip salad with gorgonzola/pears/caramelized walnuts and some AMAZING pumpkin muffins (recipe here).  These came from Tammy, which came from Elizabeth, and have since been replicated by MANY.

Tis' the season!  I am going to try making egg noodles next week.

These will give you many new friends.

Gorgonzola shavings are a must!  Forget crumbles!

And here is the battle that rages on in the pantry (red chalkboard door coming!).  Me versus the ants.  Hallelujah beautiful Katie told me about Taro!  They are slowly losing. Also, I got these metal bins from Target online for only $5 a piece so I categorize the foods and then just pull out the bin I need!  Soon they will have cute little labels.

xoxo, Anna N


  1. I cannot wait to see your place! looking so good... and we have had ants a couple times here... it's horribly annoying I know!

  2. I must admit that I drive by your house extra slow when I'm on my way to tam's (she mentors me). lookin good today! hahaha!


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