Monday, November 14, 2011


This last week we celebrated my beautiful sister who is now 29!  It was so amazing and I am so blessed to have her in my life (and we are uber (sp?) blessed by such amazing parents...see photo of goofy father below).  

Also, we attended a beautiful wedding with a knock-out bride: Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Henry!  
So amazing to see two people commit their lives in something that God created to be so beautiful.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Off to tackle the spray paint on a desk for the office (my finger is quite sore already) metallic spray paint is soo not easy to deal with!

Did I mention how much my husband makes me laugh??? Oh, and how handsome he is-I can't even deal with that extra bonus.   Love him so...
 And now for my sis's very exciting birthday :)


Family Celebration!
(We got her Hunter boots in sherbet color!)

We always make fun of these poses...
xoxo, Anna N (29 weeks)

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  1. yes! Love the awkward heart on the belly :) ha ha! love you guys...


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