Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and truth.

It is official. Blogging is not my "gig." 

I am always torn between what a blog is even supposed to be for. I truly feel that WHATEVER I do: whether it be writing, speaking, eating, etc. is all supposed to honor God and encourage others through that. I haven't felt like much of an encourager lately as the home project was (as always) quite a bit larger than we anticipated and most of the time that I used to spend with others has been moved to getting the home put together.

But, God has brought many people into our lives lately that are in the midst of stories of divorce, betrayal, abuse, and just the pains of a broken world. 

Hence, when it comes to writing, here is the honest truth of what I would like to write about in very vivid ways:

1) Divorce is not better for children. Divorce sucks. The word itself means "death."

2) Our generation is a generation of quitters (and the generation preceding it).
I asked a 92 year old women who had been married 67 years what the secret was to their marriage.  She said, "Honey, when I was your age, quitting wasn't an option."

3) Fathers need to be fathers and mothers need to be mothers. Period. Children are in desperate need of their parents.

4) This world is in desperate/deep need of knowing Jesus and His forgiveness and knowing grace/mercy/peace/hope/love and that maybe ALL of this does matter.

5) Redemption is possible.  Healing is possible.  Life after abuse is more than possible.

6) The beauty of what God does in a woman's body in creating a baby.  There is no other possible way, other than through Him, that our little one will come into this world.  Halle-lujah.  I am not the one telling my cells to replicate, differentiate, multiply, etc.

Pictures of the remodel are coming! 

My husband just happens to be able to do plumbing, electrical, construction which is a huge blessing (but also takes up A LOT of time).  So blessed by him.

PS: Me at 6.5 months.  Might I mention the things I love: my leggings, UGGs, Helly Hansen jacket, and forever 21 tank tops.


  1. You are so beautiful. And not just physically, but your heart is so precious too! I couldn't agree more with you on all the points made above. Right before Ian and I got married, this old lawyer I used to work for told me "you want to know the secret to having a lasting marriage? don't divorce and don't die." Hahaha. He isn't a believer, but sometimes things really are that simple.

  2. I love your blog and your writing. please keep it up! :)
    beautiful picture too!

  3. I too desire to write in ways that inspire, encourage and bring honor to God. Yet, there are so many stories, my own included of the brokenness in this world, in our own backyards. In writing of such hard things, we can show God's redemption to the young girl who is lost and without a father, teaching her of the journey with her Heavenly Father, all these things comes to the simple Love, Care, and Grace of our Heavenly Father, He can be seen in these stories, so be bold blessed mama and write away.

  4. You are an amazing blogger! You have so much wisdom and you speak truth and your posts always encourage me. Please keep it up! I have so many things that i would love to blog about in depth but I honestly don't have time. I'm all about the few pictures and a few words :). But you seriously need to keep your posts coming...I love them! You are beautiful and I can't wait to see the pictures of your home remodel!


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