Thursday, October 13, 2011

His plans.

Just a little note to say we are alive and kicking (baby, too...literally) but still in the midst of a crazy remodel:

-no toilets
-no kitchen yet
-no doors on yet
-no master bath
-still painting left to be done (literally 15 gallons of paint have been used on the interior)
-oh, and our refrigerator somehow disappeared from the appliance order :)

Oh, and we move in tomorrow morning.

Empty wall.  So sad.

You know the crazy thing?  Once I had one meltdown (actually I have had two tear-filled events during this last month), I felt completely at rest!

Funny thing about planning and me:  I feel sooooo at peace when things that I plan don't work. For instance: the appliance order that was set and ready to go and the refrigerator that now will be here next Wednesday (which means day 35 of eating out).  Somehow it just makes me smile because it makes me remember that I AM NOT IN CONTROL of my life. There is a God who is much greater than I and I seriously just smiled when the guys said the fridge was nowhere to be found.

Why? Because there is something about not being in control of everything that reminds that there is Someone who is.



And did I mention how better His plans have been then mine?  Just look at my husband...never planned on marrying someone that ridiculously awesome AND handsome.

xoxo, Anna N

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  1. Oh Anna, your posts, as always, are so encouraging! It was soooo great to see you earlier this week! Can't wait to see your home one day. Keep the faith, lovely lady, and God bless your day!! XOXO (P.S. - I sent the Tom Kha recipe to your futurenormans email, watch out, it's dangerously good! ;)


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