Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Weekend preview.

Since I haven't conquered Lightroom and cr2 (Raw) files yet, here are just a few from the weekend.  It was full of two beautiful weddings, tons of flowers, a lovely dinner with family and some good girl time and husband time.

Oh-and have you seen "The Help?" Wowsers.

You guessed it-my sister was taking these. She is a genius.

My husband loves to have awkward staring contests with me-this is how it ALWAYS goes.

Our little wee one is in there! 5 months in one week!

I promise I will post more once I figure out that program!!!  xoxo, Anna N

Off to celebrate hubby's birthday here!

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  1. Great pictures, such a beautiful couple!! We are so happy for you both! yay for baby Norman!


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