Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend(s) in review.

We have had two amazing weekends and my goal is now to get more pictures of everything. I even borrowed the father's camera to see if I can attempt to learn a "technical" camera...verdict is very far out.

Synopsis from being retired:

*It rocks*

1) Somehow I have been busier being retired than I was working. Shocking.

2) I have discovered this is exactly where I am supposed to be.  Exactly.

3) I love unlimited coffee dates with girlfriends and hearing about what God is doing in their lives (eg: a coffee date that went from 1 to dinner with the husbands at 7!). Sisters Coffee Company is amazing!

4) I have rediscovered my love in being creative. I got to do the flowers for one my friend's weddings and had so much fun! Hallelujah for Courtney who was my wingman and went to the farmer's market with me...

5) My husband.  I am so honored to get to stay home and be his wife. All the time.  Poor husband though-he actually ran out of clothes in my first week of retirement!!!  Like I said, I was busy!  He is giving me a month to settle into the full time housewife mode :) 

6) My husband making me laugh. All the time.  Even as soon as I wake up.

7) The beautiful Moon Wedding!

8) The beautiful Lessler Wedding!

 8) Amazing mothers. Truly-so blessed. And Miss Kate was even in town!

I will add more photos later.  Off to go enjoy the sunshine and my handsome hubby.


  1. I think I saw you in Tanner Springs park on a coffee date the other day! Didn't want to interrupt, but Hi if that was you! (a little late). Glad you are loving being retired. P.S. You're kind of living my dream right now, so it's fun to see what my future might (God willing) look like someday :)

  2. You did, you did!!! You so should have interrupted! I always welcome a greeting from you :) And I know your life will be full of "Retirement" one day as well. Undoubtedly.


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