Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Great Movie.

Must see. For all. I went with my Little and her sis and all of us cried quite a few times.  And of course, nothing gets me like a true story.

PS:  Remember you all need to read "Same Kind of Different As Me." Seriously, purchase ahora.

And if you want to know where you can find me quite often...

Tangent:  I would also like to add the amount of freedom that came with my IPhone 4 going away with my job. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to "reclaim" communication and have nothing on my phone other than texting (which is super difficult because it is a teeny-bopper phone and I think made for the fingers of a ten year old) and the old-fashioned ability to place a phone call.

I would like to start revolution. Trust me, it is coming. Watch a school bus go past you and look at how many kids are staring at their phones-it literally will have to stop because otherwise the next generation will not have a clue how to hold a conversation and believe it or not, that simply will not sustain the world's most powerful country.

End of Soap Box.

Off to Sisters. To meet with Sisters.


  1. Get on that soap box girl, I am SO with you on that. We're already thinking about how to intentionally model REAL relationship building to our kids. I think one good way is having people in your house a lot and letting them see us having real relationships ourselves. I will probably not ever get off that soap box and i'm sure it will drive my children crazy :-)

  2. PS the security word it just made me write to leave that comment was: COCAINE. what?

  3. Love your new look, and I will gladly stand on that soapbox beside you. I remember as a kid going into Sisters, OR and my parents picking u a few pounds of Sister's coffee for our vacation stays in Central Oregon. I was to "young" to drink coffee, but those sips in my youth were divine.


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