Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 30 in 30.

Here it is! My Top 30 from 30 years...what I have learned, what I desire to learn, what I have come to know, and what I love (not in any particular order).
1. The most important question in life is this: The question of a Creator. "It is the one supreme matter on which a man has to be sure, for every decision he makes hinges upon it." Oursler
2. People don't really care what you look like. We all tend to be much too concerned with ourselves to really notice. Thus, only think on how God sees you.  He has the right lens.
3. Disneyland is still (after trips all over the world), the happiest place on earth.
4. True religion is this: to feed the orphan and the widow. And to be unstained by this world.
5. I only read really good books. I don't care about how many books I read, I just want all books I read to motivate me to change, be more like Christ. Thus, I read about 3/year.
6. I don't really love fish.
7. I don't like avocados. Still. It is a beautiful thing for my handsome hubby.
8. I love pizza and Chipotle.
9. I love tingles (the one's that only a Creator could have built into us when something really touches our hearts). 100% sure we are the only species to have this.
10. My top books of the last 30 years:
--Same Kind of Different as Me
-Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
-Immunology (dork)
-Gone with the Wind
-Lucy Winchester
11. Wait for the right everything. Exodus 14:14. "I the LORD will fight for you, you just need be still."
12. There will always be a chalkboard wall in our home.
13. I love exposed brick, chandeliers and fireplaces.
14. I like winter vacations better than summer vacations. Meaning: I heart snow and wearing my UGGS. And I don't get tan.
15. My favorite shoes ever are me UGGS (you can ask handsome on that one)
16. I am deeply moved by people. My friends. My family. My husband.
17. My husband is the most beautiful person I know: he is never defensive, always loving and tender, perfectly courageous, and the handsomest man I have ever seen.
18. I like restoration: both with people and with furniture/frames/clothes/etc.
19. I like old things. My theory is if they have lasted that long...they just might keep.
20. I don't need to travel the world because I have no doubt that heaven will be much, much more than I could ever dream.
21. Handwritten letters are still the best.
22. I don't like IPhones (this might get me on some government list).
23. I love people. Knowing people's stories.
24. I love "Lesleys." I have been very blessed by two of them. Both less than half my age.
25. I love coming home more than I like leaving for vacations.
26. I love sitting on the floor: to watch movies, to chat, etc.
27. I love word games.
28. I LOVE hearing about how Jesus Christ transformed someone's life. Hope is oh so real and grace, when allowed in, literally breaks down walls.
29. I am not a huge fan of a lot of $. I have seen people with a ton of it (Aspen)-it surely will take wings and fly away.
30. I am blessed. My parents are God-fearing and beautiful and my sister is the loveliest of lovelies. My husband...I would have waited 50 years for you :) And for all of that, the good and the bad (which God ALWAYS makes good again and will do one day to this whole earth), I am eternally grateful.


  1. I just love this! I am so blessed to be able to know you and learn from you!

  2. This is very precious to read from a young woman pursuing the heart of God. Blessings. elizabeth

  3. #12 made me smile :) (well, all of them did!) love you...


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