Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thirty, flirty and thriving!

At least that is what my handsome hubby says :)  So December 1st, was the "big one!" And I flew home from 10 days in Maui...the beautiful thing is I LOVE home. My friends, church, our little place, the vintage books, the fireplace, the cold weather, the comfiest bed in the world, etc.  So blessed to have such an amazing home and be SURROUNDED by amazing family and friends.

I will later be posting my "Top 30"- which is to me a short list because I often have kept "Thanksgiving" journals-they are tens of pages :) I will save you the eye strain and just list 30 (given the birth day and all).  A few sneak peeks of Hawaii pics:
Ell-belle and I in the shore line.

Handsome and I watching the windsurfers.  Wow.

3:45 am wake-up time. Good news is God never sleeps.

Amazing book. Must read-whether you believe in Him or not.  He is "so truly lovely." All good things in me are to His glory...

Also-shout out to my amazing roomies who threw me the best birthday party last night!!! Those pics will be up too!!!

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