Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry 3 days after Christmas!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and were able, in the midst of huh-bub, to remember why we even have this holiday on our calendars.  My eyes were fogged over on the eve of Christmas just realizing how blessed I am.  Jesus gave me a husband that I somehow fall more madly in love with everyday-I can barely look into his eyes without tearing up because in them, I see many glimpses of Jesus and it just moves me-deeply.

The PDX Normans spent the morning at my parent's always-welcoming home and then the whole clan (well the five of us), went down to Chris and Jen's BEAUTIFUL new home in Albany and spent the remainder of the day with the Normans and the Hurds. What a fab day.  Matt received his dowry from my parents (see below), my husband made me cry by giving me a beautiful thing he made AND a trip to Disneyland (!!!!!!!!!), and I was so generously given the most amazing gifts from my family.

I am off to start my week as a housewife. Lord willing I am productive at this (hopefully pictures to prove it). I am determined to figure out what gifts the good Lord has given me and put them to use.

Merriest three days after Christmas...

This is what made me cry. It is sitting on top of the amazing art he made...

Yes, my husband wraps this well.
His new cashmere scarf.
Another tribute to his wrapping.  And our fave place.
Let's just say I almost burnt the stockings here...
And the Sister's amazing wrapping...

In addition to her MANY other gifts-such as this flower!

As I said...Matt's dowry!
And Sister made this too!!!!

The Normans love you!

One of my mom's dearest friends finds the most awesome things
to send her. Case and point-Betty Boop shirt.

One shopping thing my dad likes (with Home Depot)...
Sister's new boots!

This will be used again, and again, and again.

What?!?!? Dad has another Snap-on coat!?!?!?
Sister. She needs her own show.


  1. I love your posts too!!!! You are such a beautiful person and I am so glad you are so happy!!! I just always knew you were going to be blessed with an amazing Godly guy because you never settled! Merry late Christmas!!!! Love seeing a glimpse into your life.


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