Thursday, December 23, 2010

Buttons, granola and glitter!

A discovery- button magnets.  Made 30+ on the very 1st sitting.  Here is all you need (and naturally all from Michaels): 1-package of round magnets 2- any buttons you want (vintage is always super awesome) 3-hot glue gun. That's it. Seriously.  I highly suggest this becoming an evening project.   And you must check Miss Echo's blog for some of her fabulous other projects.

Homemade Granola compliments of Mr. Handsome himself.  He seriously made all of these for our neighbors.   And, if you didn't guess it, the Mason jars had to be the packaging...thank you, mom for picking them up! She has a Bi-Mart membership. Enough said.  Oh, we dazzled them up with a little ribbon, cards, the works.

No really. It is back. Not on clothing, but definitely on paper. I picked up a Martha Stewart glitter transfer kit, mainly because I feel completely disabled not having my embosser.  This card is just getting started-it is for Mr. Husband.  And speaking of him...he already fixed the vacuum tonight and now he just fixed an old pharma pen-which is displayed below.  I must say, I so love this man.


And most of all. Merry Christmas. Truly-to know His love and who Jesus is, is spellbinding. I know everyone is left thinking after the madness of the traffic, the last-minute chaotic shopping, the "Christmas lists," and the Santa Claus in every mall, there must be something more we are living for...

The beautiful thing is, There Is.  His Name is Jesus and He is madly in love with you. If you learn one thing this holy-day season, may it be that. And tons of it. I hope I learn more myself.

xoxoxoxoxo, a very thankful lady


  1. seriously need to have a glitter party asap! and I use vintage buttons on everything :) love how we love the same things!

  2. oooh! loving the buttons! have a fantastic "our first christmas" AWE:)


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