Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So pretty. So pretty.

Deciduous-suddenly means something this time of year! I totally love all of the gorgeous fall trees.  Apparently the Good LORD made trees to know when the weather might be changing and they would need to store up energy for the long winter ahead.  The bonus the shedding process (an elm tree can have 6 million leaves), the colors nearly leave our eyes spellbound! I take on and off my sunglasses all day long because the colors are so vibrant and I want to make sure my eyes aren't tricked by the $4.80 lenses that grace my face.  To think that only God could make something like a great purge so beautiful.

The trees!  The pom-pom balls! Eek! And the kiss of course.
Nature was the backdrop.

A photo from the wedding...or maybe more. Speaking of beautiful-when I think of the decorator, I think of God.  What He did with the colors in that meadow are insane. Check it out!

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