Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home. Less. to Hopeful.

I saw a man today with a sign that said, "Homeless." That was it. Nothing else. One word.One word described everything in his life. 

I sat there thinking…if I were to have a sign for my life, what would it be?  I didn't come up with anything of grandeur but I would hope it would be "servant" or "helpmate" or "passionate…" But I realized that my self-obsessed moments lead none of the such and leave me, in my heart, "homeless." It is at those moments of self-obsession that I take my heart and mind off of my Creator and lose my sense of home, where I am really ending up at, after this amazing, but ever-so-brief, stint here.

My husband, who is one of the most God-fearing men I have ever met, often prays one of the most beautiful things. "Lord, may you show people what they are searching for and unable to find."  The craziest thing is that we are all "homeless."  It is beyond clear that this world is broken: every part of it.  Nature, people, animals, something is off.  I think that "homeless" man summed it up best when he in large black marker stated it on a sign. We weren't made for this world. Even people I know that don't know how beautiful God is (once you desire to know more about Him) know that there is something more. There has to be.  The brokenness (girls at three years of age being sold into sex-trafficking…yes, that is the correct number)is too overwhelming for this to be worth it. There is something much, much bigger. And if we live for our real home here, it just might come crashing into our "homelessness" and rescue all of us with our big signs. 

One of the craziest thoughts came to me recently (I am in the car by myself a lot): we can live without God, we can't die without Him.

He loves us. A ton. Ton. Ton. Ton. To the 324th.

The most powerful moment I have ever been a part of was in Starbucks (shocking, I know) where I was overhearing a conversation between what sounded to be a pastor and a young girl (early 20s) saying all of the reasons she thought God was wrong.  For some reason I set my coffee down, stood up, walked over to her, asked for permission to pause their conversation, and just said, "God is madly in love with you.  I think you need to know that."  That was it. But it was like God for a brief moment made me His real estate agent and I got to tell someone that I know where their real home is (oh, and it is free).

And again, have you seen the colors out this time of year?!?!?! Eek! I am beside myself with joy.  


  1. Painfully beautiful. Homeless with an Eternal perspective.

  2. Thanks Anna dear,

    I have been feeling rather homeless and alone right now. I love you dear, Thank you for your encouragement.


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