Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer pregnancy staples: new polyvore addiction

So...about a month ago I signed up for a Polyvore account and then got overly intimidated by the whole thing.  Well, today I decided (while I am supposed to be working out...heading there next) to try it again and hallelujah, my college degree is good for something!

I ordered the two skirts here from Swell and now am admittedly feeling like I wish I was a surfer girl. Naturally, this goes so well with Oregon weather (it is currently a downpour outside).  Also, the sports bra type thing is from Forever 21 and is the best bra I have ever owned-and they are $4.80. Wow.

I am quite excited about this because I actually worked in retail for quite a few years (Ralph Lauren in Aspen and before I was able to sometimes be a buyer for a small boutique in college which allowed me to go the LA Clothing Mart).  As a mom I do think you need some sort of creative outlet and since my sewing machine tends to remind me of the air conditioning unit in Elf, I am choosing the digital creativity instead.

PS: I think I have only purchased five maternity items in all of my brief preggo times.  I really just try to find things that I can use all the time and thankfully, drapey tends to still be in.

Love, Anna

Summer pregnancy staples

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  1. I'm with ya! Greyer was born early october, so I was super pregnant in July + August and I found that I almost always wore something fitted & stretchy on the bottom and something long and drapey on the top. It worked well for me and I loved being pregnant in the summer time because I didn't have to worry about wearing jeans every day. Just wore lots of dresses! Oh, and I too never purchased anything "maternity" but I did buy a pair of my favorite ($10) jeans from f21 in 2 sizes bigger than usual. lol! Wait, one more thing... I wear those f21 bras every night and agree... best thing ever.


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