Monday, August 27, 2012

The World's Most Loved Baby

For real.

No wonder our little peanut is always smiles. Seriously, she slept for ten minutes in the car today and we arrived at our destination. My goal was to quietly put her in the Ergo and keep her asleep. Well...I open the door, with the lovely Miss Cheryl (an amazing mentor/mother of four grown kiddos) standing there, and Miss Ruthie opens her eyes and just starts beaming at Cheryl.

Yep. That is her. Pure joy and all sorts of friendliness.

Friends: thank you for loving our girl as though she were your own. You have helped give us the most delightful little girl ever.

Oh, and she said "Mama" last night. I squealed. I actually think she might know what it means, too because she only does it while reaching for me. Momma's wishful thinking.

Eek. Oh, and she sleeps now. Praise Jesus. No joke-she naps, too. Praise Him, again.  

God-you are good. Thank you for making me realize I have SOOOO much to learn and I am seriously lacking in patience, stamina, perseverance, etc.  Oh, and thanks for showering me in grace. As always.

And this crew from where I used to live-you lift my soul.   Bachelorette Pad-you were/are/will always be a life changer.

The Typical Family photo-super dad, Ruth's hand in mom's mouth. 

xoxo, Anna N

Monday, August 13, 2012


Sorry I am not a blogger.  I honestly go through a quandary about five times a week regarding the internet and how "forward" our society is moving regarding technology being the epicenter for what might be called relationships.  I have this blog mainly to encourage and document our family and what life for us is made up of.

I have received some of the most encouraging emails and I will reply once I get more than this ten minutes at the computer. See, our little girl still doesn't like to sleep and takes a max of 45 minute naps which I pray is changing.  The blog world is hard for me because I believe that with all of my heart we are supposed to be sitting at coffee with people, reading books next to one another, serving together, talking face to face, and living life not on our IPhones, IPads, IMacs, I-this, I-that, Internet, Instagram, etc.  I have a very hard time with conversations over email because I would so much rather talk to people face to face because it is a million times stronger and more personal than this "other" land.

I plan on doing an I-fast just to see what can be done when there are no distractions from a life I can really live. I get soooo easily distracted and sooo don't want my daughter to think of my Iphone as an appendage to my body :)  

Nonetheless, I will continue to share what's on my heart, whether it be the easy stuff or the really good/hard stuff.  Here are some pics from our trip to Hawaii this last week and a word of warning for you mommas, don't take your baby out of your time zone. Travel only north or south.  Trust me.

We also just got back from a lovely weekend at the coast with Matt's amazing family.  They are fantastic and hopefully pics to come soon.

Love, Anna

Happiest baby on the block. 

Our awesome traveling duo. 
Delights my soul

An absolutely fantastic Hawaiian wedding complete with fresh sushi, Hawaiian bbq, photo booth, etc

We are so blessed. Abundantly.

Ruth's first polo match. Conveniently next door to our cottage.

Well...maybe not a huge fan of the ocean.

One of my fave pics ever.

What you get to see when your little doll is on a time change.

Her first time being in Hawaiian sand-time: 5:30am

Boy does she love Tammy. It is the cutest.