Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruth Charlotte and Co.

So my beautiful sis (and her lovely assistant/one of my best friends, Courtney) came over and took our first family pics on Saturday.  My sister is truly one of the most talented human beings I have ever met (her website is here).

Each day gets a little better settling into this new role.  The first smile I ever saw of hers was a week and a half ago and it was as I was telling her the story of why she was named "Ruth."  I know she was probably just passing gas or dreaming but I truly feel that it was a gift from God that was desperately needed...it made me tear up just having that little bit of affirmation that she truly is a promise and I am so meant to be a mom.

Facts on Miss Ruth Charlotte: she is very alert, she holds her head up and has been since birth, she doesn't seem to be a huge fan of sleep, she always smiles right when she is done eating, she hates wet diapers (so much so that we are averaging 15/day), she is quite petite but yet very long, she is SO strong (can already use her legs to push herself up), and she is deeply loved by her very blessed mommy and daddy.

Photo overload. Forewarned.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The most humbling experience.

I am typing this with only one hand so it will be shorter (Miss Ruth is asleep in my lap).

I have never experienced hard work like this coupled with complete self sacrifice. It's the command we are supposed to live by: serve others, love the Lord...this takes both of those to a whole new level.

I have never lacked confidence like I have in the last almost two weeks. It is most certainly not the most intuitive process (future moms, know this. It will help a lot to know this is something you work hard at and learn).  The hormones (I had the easiest pregnancy with no emotional variances) coupled with her tears have just led me to an abundance of tears and multiple embraces from the most beautiful husband/father in the world.

As each day passes, with the grace of God and the knowledge that He did indeed make me to be her mother, coupled with amazing mothers and a husband who filled our room with candles the other night just when I thought I would have to collapse, things continue to fall into their beautiful place.

I have added single parents to my prayer list as well as I have been given a much larger heart for the orphan who doesn't have parents at all.

The beauty of who she is, who my husband is as a father, and how amazing God is to setup something in this world as beautiful as motherhood, has left me in awe (so have our mothers who have each spent the night for quite a few nights).

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

(I did much better at my one handed typing then anticipated! PS: thank you for all of your sweet, encouraging comments...super blessed by all of you)

So proud of her double chin already!  She eats well :)  Oh, and she is a perfect mix between Matt and I's baby pics.  Thank you, Micah for the pink tutu. Matt picked an all pink outfit the other day complete with the tutu.

Miss Morgan, Miss Emma, Miss Anna and Miss Ruth (future best friends only three days apart)

What a feeling.

Impossible without our beautiful mothers. They just happen to love each other to pieces, too :)

xoxo, Mama Anna and baby Girl (Miss Ruth)

PS: Baby, thank you for everything. I thought I loved you tons two weeks ago...I had no idea how much more I could adore and respect you in such a short period of time.  God sure blessed me with you.

PPS: Ladies- marry someone you want to be just like not someone you hope will be more like you. (just thought of this today and how true it really is)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ruth Charlotte Norman.

I can't even write this without tearing up so it will be short.

I have never been so in love with God, my husband and another human as I am now.

It was (and still kind of is) the hardest thing that I could have never even imagined and for some crazy beautiful reason, the makes the magnitude that much more significant.

Praise God for mothers who have answered calls at 2am and come over and helped with the incredible newness of all of this.

She is beautiful and we are beyond blessed and praise God that somehow (I have no idea) He dreamed up something as beautiful as birth and babies.

Birth story to come-still recovering from the quite insane nature of it all :)

Ruth Charlotte Norman
Born: February 8th, 2012
Time: 4:35pm
Weight: 7lbs 15 oz
Height: 20.5 inches

PS: You can follow us on Instagram (well mainly you can follow pictures of our lovely daughter): sotrulylovely

xoxo, Anna & Ruth (and a husband smitten by a little girl)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The last day.

Of just us two (Goofy as well).  

In case you can't tell, he was making us laugh (he had a good squeeze).

Tomorrow we go in at 6am for this little one to be "evicted" from its current home inside my tummy.  It has been such a beautiful last few days as I have gotten some seriously lovely time with the handsome man I married.  Every night we go to bed, say a prayer, and just ponder how beautiful life really is right now (and how people keep saying it is somehow going to get better).

Isn't it a beautiful thing how God exceeds our imaginations?  

I am quite captivated by that recently.

Oh, and little Miss Emmanuelle Poem Cecil made her beautiful debut on Sunday!!!  She is GORGEOUS (she was 15 days "overdue" and thus, I think she is perfect).  Morgan sent me this one so I don't have any of their beautiful family yet but we will! 

And yes, my belly seriously grew so much in the last week. I must say, it feels like a six-pack though...solid!  

PS:  Here is some proof of how much our baby moves...and why I am okay having it moved out tomorrow :)  I have had a few tears from a few painful kicks/headbutts/etc.  

It is likely about 9 pounds now and seriously the strongest, little thing I have ever experienced.  Ever.  

Crossfit has nothing on this little one.  

I am in the tub but it is nothing inappropriate :)  Just insane.  See craziness here.  The end of the video might scare you...

xoxo, Anna N

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Nursery-final.

Here are the pics of the finished nursery!  

A few details:

The "buffet:" $150 on Craigslist...then sanded, painted, & sprayed (the hardware)
chair: Ikea Poang chair (LOVE IT)
crib: Jenny Lind crib purchased by my gracious parents (mattress, too)
rug: Costco :) Used to be in our room.
shelves: Ikea
mobile, light fixture and Humpty Dumpty Lamp: Chris and Matt's from when they were wee!
yellow lamp: garage sale, $5
Snow White mirror: garage sale, $5
side table: garage sale, $5
Elephant: Ikea!
The letters: my old roomies :)
Curtains: Target

We are excited for you to come little one so we can delight in you all the days of our lives :)

I made this for you today-you should come wear it!

40 weeks and counting...

 Lord willing this is my last preggo picture this time around :)  Pretty please :)

xoxo, Anna N