Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I recently saw a note from a little girl to her mother that she wrote hoping her mom would happen to read it.  It will break your heart.

It said: "Mom, in case you happen to read this. Please stop being angry.  Please tell dad why you are mad. Please do it for our family."

In her own little handwriting on her own little pink notebook.  

I know I can be like this sometimes. Wanting only my will and my way and it costing the spirit of my husband and my daughter.  I really dislike that part of myself.  With a passion. I am currently reading through Romans in my Bible and it speaks so much of the flesh and how its desires our purely selfish and not like Jesus at all.  Oh. Do. I. Know. That. Truth. 

Please fight for your families. Pick up a Bible and learn about Jesus and how to be more like Him.  He really is exceptionally counter-cultural and thus insanely breathtaking and captivating.  He is not only my Savior and the one who spoke redemption over my life but also the one who I know can help me to step away from myself and deeply desire to serve others.

Because people are worth it. They are worth us serving them and putting ourselves last. I so hope we can raise Ruth to let other people go in front of her at the grocery store, to be one to get out of her seat when an elderly person/pregnant lady/etc is around, to be one to open the doors, to be one to let others get in front of her on the freeway and then to kindly wave, to genuinely ask "How are you?"..., to bake cookies for others and learn to make meals simply to use it as an instrument to serve.  

We love you little dollie and I apologize if/when my heart is for me and not for our family and for your father and for our Jesus.  May you reflect your Maker and hopefully, more often than not, that will mean you reflect your momma. 

Love, Someone desperately in need of Grace

PS: In case you wonder where the pics of our little family are...

they are on instagram: sotrulylovely


  1. love this! inspires me to want to fight for our little family:) thanks for sharing lovely! i think you need an instagram pic at disneyland...just saying:) hehe love Katie

  2. Thank you for your words of truth Anna! Truly convicting.

  3. Ugh, I just love everything about this, Anna! I'm really praying and practicing this concept going into parenting. I just need so much help.

  4. Funny...i just started reading Romans myself and I am SHOCKED by how far off I am from God's way of doing life so much of the time! Thank goodness for the truth that where [our] sin abounds, [His] grace abounds much more! Such great news!


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