Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A million things. And Memorial Getaway

I have a million things (I have said a million times I don't exaggerate :)) that I want to post about.  Everything from marriage, to the two months after Ruth was born, to the birth story, to redemption, to the buyer's remorse I often suffer from, to house projects, etc.

I think I have too many things.  And thus, I end up starting about a million drafts and then never posting them.

So in the mean time, until I get a handle on what I feel people out there really need to read/see/hear, here are some pics from our recent activities.

PS: Any suggestions on external harddrives?  I am thinking we are going to go for a desktop versus a portable one but not sure.  Thoughts?

Just the little home Miss CC Banister won for the weekend.

The gents entertaining our wee one. 

Hottie Carla and BF Nate

Hottie Carla and Hottie Courtney-they love to match

The ladies: we were celebrating Micah's Birthday! (She has Ruthie)

Boys will be boys.  And these ones are way too much fun. 

The ultimate picture of this weekend. 

I feel like we always look a little tired now... 

Lisa and Carlita 

Auntie Meggie's gorgeous hair. We are so blessed by her...

Our little family :) 

Some of the ladies from the weekend (there were 8 of us at one point)

Most of the gents.

She likes to eat this little lion. Well she just likes to chew on anything...her clothes, hair, arms, etc. 

Thoughts on what to post about?


  1. I always love reading whatever you have to say! I feel like you are just so wise and godly and humble and brilliant and you always know how to say everything just right! Anything from life-related posts like this or life lessons you've learned/things God has taught you!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I have been wanting to go to the beach (as a family of 3!) you should post about things to do now that you have a newborn. We still have a little cabin fever, feeling like there isn't much we can go out and do now... We need IDEAS to get us out of the house.

  3. You're the hottest mama ever

  4. we are gonna be at the same house for the next three days starting tomorrow with the Mossers!! (Janelle, Brandon, and girls!) fun pics! LOVE you

  5. your baby is so cute! looks like alot of fun in the pics! I like reading a variety of topics so love to read whatever God puts on ur heart =) btw, I don't think you look tired at all! u look fabulous .

    xoxo Mila

  6. YOU are too cute:) I love all that you write! But I love the ideas you gave at the beginning...i'd love to hear more about some of the experiences you've gone through! Have a great day Anna, and thanks always for the sweet encouragement you've given me! love Katie


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