Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy unofficial friends day.

I tear up just writing this.  I have the most beautiful friends in the world.  I sat with one of my dearest girlfriends the other day (the one who had her daughter 3 days before Ruth) and seriously teared up just talking to her because not only do I cherish her sooo much (her heart, her thoughts, her wisdom) but she fills me up when I am with her.

I have so many of those friends and I am so blessed. Friends that I often tear up when I am around because they either bring my joy to the surface and thus tears or we talk about the harder things in life and we cry together.

I am humbled. I am not deserving of any of them: my high school girls, my mom friends, my Bachelorette pad lovelies, the lovelies I have met at/through church, people I meet in Starbucks/Freddies/walking, etc.

Thank you for loving me and showing the abundance of God's grace to one who is not worthy of the love she feels showered upon her.

A preview from last weekend...

All my love.

And more.


Oh-and husband, thank you for being my best friend.  

Song of Songs 5:16 

He is altogether lovely. This is my lover, this my friend. 

I would post pics but I have too many amazing friends and I would hate to leave anyone out :) Hence, the hubby pic...


  1. you are too cute:) I think you have such sweet friends because you are such a wonderful one! friends truly are such gifts! much love, Katie

  2. Aw, love YOU, dear friend! You are one pretty amazing lady! Thank you for keeping us updated with photos of Ruth ... she is one joyful girl!


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