Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pretty season started

The wedding season has officially begun.

We have three within this month. Woot woot!

We attended the BEAUTIFUL wedding of Ben and Fibia Peterson last weekend- alas I don't have a pic of them :) But, please enjoy all the other lovelies we captured.

And working our camera is still a huge work in progress.  We bought the Canon Mark 2 last year and is still a bit over our heads...

*Miss Ruthie was with her grandpa and grandma-I think she has them wrapped around her little fingers (as she does us). 

The pic below is the carseat they bought for her and her grandpa seriously had her laughing right here-I seriously squeal whenever she is giggling/laughing because it is pure joy.

 Mommy and Daddy ready for the wedding

 The amazing flowers done by Linsey Fuller...she rocks.

 The Stellar Stillars (baby Berlin due in four months!)

 The beautiful Watsons.

 The amazing Mosers who just added Scarlet Ruth to their beautiful family.

 Emily, Me, Shan and Katie-they all make one's heart so full.

And this...yes, I am the whitest one.  Shockingly white.  Really? 

The Hottie Hoilands. 

 The other magnificent Mosers!

How the best man did his speech...isn't this building incredible??? 

And here is the beautiful couple (so I found an engagement picture...)-she seriously was the most striking bride-as you could likely guess :)  And her dress...oh, the dress.

Praise Jesus for beauty.

Two more in the next month, then one in June, one in July, two in August :)

xoxo, Anna N


  1. Ah, wedding season... we're already having to rsvp with 'no' to several... simply because we're already committed to being at another wedding!

  2. hi!! i love linsey's work!! she's great. and what is this venue? i am getting married soon....(at least i think so) and i love how it looks!!


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