Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekends, sausages, meaningful Mondays

We had such an amazing last weekend/week!  The part about the feet is that after four Christmas parties, a baby shower, a concert and a birthday party, and a haircut for the hubby, my feet started to head the direction of sausages (thank you husband for a great foot massage to try to bring them back).  So attractive.

Husband won over $200 at his Christmas party! Ironically (we are such gamblers), he got 2nd place in the casino night and "shockingly" the other two guys at our blackjack table won 1st and 4th...thank you, Bill!!!  As my husband said, "the only gamble of the night was picking the right table to sit at."  So smart, babe. I had no idea you had such talent at blackjack and were such a risk-taker!

The rest of the weekend was made even more beautiful by church, a beautiful baby shower, an amazing Christmas concert, and topping off Sunday watching Cars 2 while eating Oreos and mint chocolate chip ice cream (feet almost up). 

These pics are from the Christmas Ball on Friday at Heather and Jimmy's!  She surprised him with...a trip leaving that next morning to see the Broncos play the Patriots AND they got to sit in Tebow's box AND meet him! Jimmy is a huge fan of him because he lives out his faith and is seriously such a solid guy.  Jimmy's dad even teared up with joy because he was so happy for his son :) I told her she won wife of the decade for this one...

Sorry for the picture overload-it is just what we do (and this is only one event).

For Meaningful Monday please be sure to check out my beautiful friend's blog for items to purchase that support awesome causes this time of year. Matt and I do advent conspiracy with his family and thus we purchase gifts for each other that go to support orphanages, buy food for families, gift bags for foster kids, etc.  Such a great tradition they started!

Yes, that is a hanging couch.

She surprised him with a poem complete with gifts and "the knee."

It is Heather's 30th on January 4th but they are in Turks for 10 days so we stocked her up with "tropical" items!

The Bachelorette Pad again :)

Yes, my husband has on my necklace.  I seriously couldn't stop laughing...and then he unbuttoned his shirt.  I love you so much-I think our baby was even laughing at this point.

xoxo, Anna N

(I just realized I never even had a tag for pregnancy...I guess that means it has been a great one up until the feet!)


  1. Try to stay off your feet for awhile towards the end of the day and take it with humor. Your almost done and your body is protesting that it's been going 100% for someone else. Amazing.
    I bought a few pillows and these adorable button necklace (I'm hoping to get some for myself) from Agape International Ministries. The women's ministries at our church was selling them. They were made by woman and children rescued from sexual slavery in Cambodia.

  2. Hadn't stopped by your blog in awhile because I have been ridiculously busy lately but I have a few things to say. 1.)You belly is adorable! You are all belly and look amazing! 2.) your nursery is to die for...I love everything about it! 3.) I must see more pics of your home because from what I have seen it looks AMAZING! So excited for all that is happening in your life! Xo


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