Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wee one update.

Lovely, peoples:

We had our 34 week visit on Monday!  

Okay-so now it is starting to feel real.  Believe it or not, I am kind of a realist (who has really high standards which makes me also a dreamer...) which is why it is just now starting to feel like we are going to have new names in 5.5 weeks.  "Mommy" and "daddy." Wow.

I didn't think I had been having any early contractions but the doctor said I was having one while she was measuring my stomach. I told her I just thought I had a newfound six pack :)  We are also measuring at 35 weeks which means the baby might be a bit larger! (I also think it will be muscly for the following two reasons: 1) dad 2)It moves ALL the time.)

Here is what started happening this week:  

I finally bought some baby clothes! Yes, it took me to 8.5 months to buy anything.  Reason being-we are now in the return zone so I have bought a few boy and girl items and can return.  Just wait til' you see the one below.  Husband says I have the right to be a silly girl about this stuff because I have been the baby's clothing for the last 8.5 months (not only is he handsome, he is also wise).

Side note: 

I LOVE not knowing if it is a boy or girl.  People always ask if I have a feeling and to be completely honest, I have prayed not to.  I have asked God to let me be truly surprised and that is exactly where my heart is. We have NO IDEA if this baby is a boy or girl and are just ecstatic that we get to steward the life of a child.  Wonder is one of the most powerful things in the world to me and we are living in it.  I seriously cannot even imagine the moment when the doctor will say, "Congratulations, you have a ?!"

Talk about tears. And our, they will undoubtedly cry :)

So here is the newest find.  I cannot deal with this. Or the husband.  I had to get the mini v-neck. It looks just like Matt (although he pointed out he doesn't have that color).  

Little person: if you are indeed a boy, please be IDENTICAL to your father. He is the greatest man ever and he will love you like you didn't know possible (how he loves me).  You are already so blessed and "abundant" doesn't even begin to describe the love you will be surrounded by.  God is so perfect in how He is forming you and I can't believe God wants us to be your parents.  

We are in love-with you, with each other, and with the Man who thought up this whole thing :)

And yes, that is the most rocking Christmas shirt that I bought four years ago at Forever 21. It makes my day just to look at it let alone wear it!!!!

xoxo, Anna N

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  1. You are soooo cute pregnant! And so joyful! I feel like there are pregnant ladies that LOVE being pregnant/have a really smooth pregnancy and there are some that are miserable the whole time and feel down about gaining the weight and stuff. I wanna be like you! You wear it so well : ) Also, I want to see more pictures of your fancy house!

    P.S. That v-neck IS the cutest thing ever!


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