Monday, November 07, 2011

Purpose (and 28 weeks) and Joy.

Morning, lovely, lovely peoples!

Something our pastor said last week that has had me thinking ever since then:

No, but really.  What if I lived like someone who deeply desired everyone to know the love of Jesus: everyone from the homeless people at nearly every stoplight in PDX to the people who don't want to talk about religion at all (PS: I don't like "religion" and neither does Jesus :) Religion is man's attempt to get to God versus accepting God's grace coming to us)?  Tough Monday question but one worth asking and one that has had me convicted for a week.

Also, I introduce to you the Christmas (I was soooo happy it fit-barely...) shirt I put on today (as well as the 7 month belly).  Oh, and one more wee fact for those of you who have not been pregnant, a detail which I was totally unaware.  Did you know women are actually pregnant for 9 months and 3 weeks which is almost 10 months!!!  I know, and people out there thought I only had two months to go :)  

xoxo, an often pensive soul
Anna N

Babe-thanks for working so hard again this weekend. You become more awesome (and funny) everyday I know you.

Ladies-PLEASE wait for awesomeness.


  1. You look so adorable! Such an exciting time in life:-) I'm definitely feeling those last few days or weeks, (I'm 37 weeks). Almost there! xoxo

  2. Hi, new reader here! I appreciated the call to wait for Mr awesomeness!

  3. I feel like your pregnancy is going by super fast (even though you might not). But there are people that I know and I'm like "oh my goodness, you are STILL pregnant!" You are lookin good.

  4. You are beautiful inside and out ... and I love that you're wearing a Christmas shirt!!! XOXO


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