Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glacier-for sure.

Here are a few photos from the second part of our anniversary trip. Also-please go to the national parks. You will love them! And I say that objectively...

Oh, and we are 16 weeks now! I will start showing photos when they are consistent-one day I have a little pouch and the next it is gone.  I would say the best word is "thickening" as babycenter.com so eloquently states. (My husband thinks they shouldn't tell women they are thickening-he thinks it alludes to pudding.  Update: I wrote this yesterday and by the afternoon, the bump was in town.  Legit. For reals.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the half days of sunshine.  Apparently it is a new weather trend...kind of like half-day kindergarten.

Yes, he is that hot.  

Oh, deer!


  1. beautiful! can't wait for your bump to pop a little more! ... and for mine to be gone! :) I'm not impatient- just a tad uncomfortable and excited for baby!

  2. great photos Anna. And don't worry about the bump. One day you'll be showing. And your next pregnancy you'll wonder why you didn't appreciate "not showing" for so long!


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