Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bobsy!

I had the pleasure of spending the last five days with one of my best friends from high school. We first met freshman year during basketball season and for the most part, have been undivided (minus the not living in the same state for the past 12 years).

  She lives in the great city of NYC and I have gotten to visit her many, many times, join her (in support) in Paris for her marathon, head to the Hamptons for a week with her and some of her amazing friends, and this last weekend, celebrate her 30th in Newport, RI.

Bobsy- you are fantastic. You will always be the Bobsy that I call in good and bad times. I praise God He gave me you as a best friend and I am honored I got to spend your 30th with you.  Forever grateful.  Love, the other Bobsy.

Highlights of a weekend in Newport, Rhode Island:

-nantucket reds, seersucker suits, navy blazers, and fabulous dresses
-a great bed and breakfast
-a sunset sailing trip
-touring the Breakers and Rosecliffe Mansions (seriously...the Breakers is 128,000 square feet. Perspective: our carriage house is 950)
-Awful, Awfuls and Del's Lemonade
-amazing food: even though neither of us like seafood :)  Oh, but we do love Italian (Gengs-go get gnocchi in the "fall")
-great, deep, life building conversations  
-prayers and making it to the city in record time
-the Cliff Walk, a slight sunburn and a day by the beach
-celebrating and learning more about a best friend
-a polo match!
-superfluous photos...sorry!

xoxo, Anna

Fish's Eddy! It's online and you can register here!

Must go see "Eataly." It was the one of the coolest things ever...especially to an Italian lover.

I found a diaper bag!!! It looks kind of like this one but a different print!  First baby purchase!

So this was our four mile (ish) total walk through the city to get a milkshake in Chelsea. The milkshake place was closed :( So we got gelato!

Awful, Awfuls!!! For you, Erin!

Divot stomping at a polo match.  They really do that...

Newport Harbor

Just one of the mansions on our Cliff Walk

Our sunset sailing cruise. Complete with the perfect sunset.

The lovely Liza who ran with her awesome husband the B and B.

Rosecliffe-PS: you can still rent this one :)

Amanda and her boyfriend, Pat!


  1. So fun! What beautiful pictures, good times with dear friends is the best :) And that diaper bag (or anything similar to it) is pretty amazing. Good work!!

  2. oh how I am in love with the East Coast! Seriously, one of my favorite places... I need to rent a car and do all of new england... Maybe someday when someone can watch my babies :) CUTE bag! What brand is it? Yeah for the start of many many baby purchases... LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!

  3. What fun to have a glimpse into your travels. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the East coast. Cute bags for baby are a must.

  4. Anna, you are glowing pregnant woman in all your photos!


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