Monday, May 02, 2011

Retire. Day Uno.

So crazy, truly. I am sitting here on the morning of my first day of retirement, a morning already complete with reading with my amazing husband, and just in awe that I have "retired" to something new, to something "so truly lovely."  There is something so remarkable about just knowing that God has called you to something else and there is something about taking a step of faith and KNOWING it is good, very good.  You know it is a God thing when you walk away from a great salary, a free car/fuel card/insurance, discounts at Apple, and bonuses :)  But everything truly great should cost something that is just good.  

My friend Seng reminded me that when I used to work for Novartis I said my dreams were to marry my prince charming and retire early. Thank you, friend, for reminding me that dreams really do come true.

I will start blogging oodles more but in the mean time, here is a list of things for the first week that I am so excited to do.  

Study a world map. I am tired of not knowing where places are.

Organize the pantry/closets (including purging the superfluous clothes), craft stash, etc.

Hear people's stories. There have been so many people I haven't been able to just sit and talk to and I am so excited to hear where people's hearts are and what is moving them.

A craft/sister day.  Oh how I adore her.

And to just be a wife to the most beautiful man I have ever met, ever.  I prayed that I would marry a man that would provide, protect, lead and make me know more of the expanses of what love is.  I am beyond in love with you, babe.  God is so good.


  1. So excited for you!

  2. sounds amazing!!!!!! cant wait to hear more!

  3. Anna! This is amazing. I am so inspired by your faithfulness to follow God's direction! You are welcome to come organize my pantry & closet when you are done :)

  4. WOW!! That sounds fantastic my dear, hopefully I will get to catch up with you soon

  5. congratulations anna! maybe at some point, you could add "hang out with an old friend who just lives over the river" i would LOVE to see you and introduce you to my angels:) enjoy yourself..

  6. Congratulation. You are now a SHW (stay home wife) How how God must be smiling to trust in Him for how he will be using you. Blessings!

  7. p.s. that previous post was from my ethan blog, it's mostly private but didn't want to confuse you.

  8. Oh my lands, this is so exciting, Anna! I’m so glad I “ran into” this blog post…because…a month ago, I was praying on my way to work and out of the blue felt like I need to pray for those living on single-household incomes. When you came to mind, I was very confused. But who am I to question what to pray for, right? So when I saw your post today, I almost laughed out loud (actually, I did). God is good! You remind me of David in 2 Samuel 24:24 who insists that it ought to cost him something to offer sacrifices to God! God bless you as you step out in obedience.

  9. So wonderful, congratulations Anna! May God bless you in this next exciting chapter of your life.


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