Tuesday, March 08, 2011

When ladies get bored.

In case anyone wonders what we do in Oregon when the weather gets over 55, here you have it.  Cheers to the beautiful Bachelorette Pad Beauties (2 of which are no longer...).  You ladies are some of truly the most beautiful people I have ever met. Ever. 
How many props can five ladies bring into a field? Not enough.
Dandy. Lions.
Everything about this is perfect.
How lovely is she? Mrs. B.
My GORGEOUS sister.
How do you frame beauty? This way.


  1. oh so fun!!! I wanna play too :) call me next time!

  2. Beautiful ladies! Photo shoots are so fun:-) The perfect Oregon weather is on it's way! So excited for spring/summer! xoxo

  3. love love love these photos :). you are all gorgeous - inside and out!


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