Sunday, March 27, 2011

A little who is a lot.

I have been meaning to write many times about how amazing my Little is.  I decided to do Big Brothers Big Sisters over three years ago wanting to give back something of what I have been given (great friends, an amazing sister, a great family, time, etc.).  Little did I know, pun intended, that my Little would dramatically change my life and challenge me to be a better person in every aspect.

Miss Lesley-you are a light in my life.  You are who I PRAY, if we have daughters, that our daughters are like.  You challenge me with questions that not even my peers might ask.  Seeing you discover who God is and watch you learn more about Him makes Him even more real and true in my life.  It has challenged me to look up into the sky and ask more about His awesomeness and who He desires me to be.  The tears that I have seen in your eyes at church have humbled me to the most central part of my being. You see something in this world that few dare to see. You see beauty and chase after it. You know it is real and you know, you have to know more about it.  Thus, you hold your Bible as it is to be held-as the all true Word of the God who created the heavens and earth.  I see something in you that I cry out for the whole world to have. You have learned that God is a redeemer and someone who loves with ALL of His power (if it is accepted).  

You are the most beautiful teenager I have ever encountered.
Please check out her blog.

To everyone else out there: reach out.  It is the most fascinating thing to be insanely rewarded for just being available.  Big Brothers Big Sisters is an incredible thing to contribute your time to and I promise, it will change your life.

Love you, little.

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