Monday, September 27, 2010


Just a little tid-bit to give ode to my amazing husband, for writing seriously half of our thank you notes. Even the guy at the post office was in shock-he asked if I knew this about him before I married him. I said it was all just a "bonus." Then again, the verse on our invites was "unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we think or ask."

Oh-and I love the beach. Reading, getting misted, Bible time while sitting on logs, antique stores, football games, 2x family dinners (Normans and Wrights-baam!), Scrabble. God is so good.

Just a short one today-the next posting is the "Style rules"...I know-the excitement is overwhelming!  Much of the inspiration came from a mall walk (enough said).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just live it.

I just met with two of my favorite ladies of all times. I am truly so blessed that the Good Lord has brought them into my life to encourage me that life just happens to be a little bit bigger than we think and that dreaming is what makes it grow. Kind of like a plant. Kind of.  But not taken care of the way that I take care of plants...I digress.
We just had a dream session and after realizing that our passion has slightly dwindled with age we rekindled the minds and hearts that God set within us (part of being fearfully and wonderfully made) and we have decided to move forward-in prayer first.

Here is some of what we came to within our time: 1) girls cry. We love to, actually.  Something oddly therapeutic about it-whether happy or sad. 2) We dream. We did it since we knew how to look up and know that there was Someone doing something much bigger than our own eyes could see. 3) We would pursue. Pursue something. Something that was written on our hearts.

For Court-being something beyond a small event planning business.  Mark my words (and since they are in hyperland) that won't be hard. Heather-the Fountain.  Her heart is ready to pour out-in direction to be determined-for the millions of girls with an image of themselves less than what He created. Me- a stylist.  A way to use my bizarre love of bargains, ethereal feeling when I walk around stores, my weird spacial awareness talent that resides anywhere from wall hangings to landscapes to mis-proportioned clothing.

We have surrendered our dreams to the One who put them in our hearts and for 21 days we are going to seek all He has.  For anyone that mightn't turn to Him and have a different option, here is my disclaimer for this entire blog (and my life).  I have tried other ways of self-revelation, discovery, my own path, being my own god...and to be honest, it completely exhausted me. I realized after many years of walking away and binge drinking, having an eating disorder, being all to compliant to fit into someone else's mould, that the only time that one's feet land on solid ground is when we look up, praise Him, and ask our Creator, what is Your will? and "how can I LIVE it? With everything in me?"  He taught me to love, to dream, to "just know things," and to believe when the rest of the world seeks a means to an end that is so pre-determined.  Try Him, He rocks the world.

So here is to the planner extraordinaire, to the encourager and director of the Fountain, and to the stylist.  May we turn to what we know when our strength is feeble and or knees give way.  "Say to those with fearful hearts: Be strong, do not fear. Your God will come." Isaiah 35:4