Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mason, mason and cute, cute

     Hello, friends!   

I was looking for a way (needless to say, a cute and savvy looking way) to store baking items and look at what I found!!!  Target has the extra large Mason jars  as well as the small, 1/2 pint short ones-which store baking powder, corn starch, baking soda, and cocoa-and the extra large ones have the flour and sugar. So LOVELY!  Oh, and the pint Mason jar has powdered sugar in it- I just pierced the top (ask Matt about was a bad picture of me and a kitchen knife before he shared his wisdom) a couple of times to make it a "shaker" perfect for a French toast topping :)

And the little ones on the left are the honey that was found in a bee hive at Matt's construction site!

And check out this cuteness!  And for $16.90!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Last night I had a small break down (the one that comes with a failed attempt at trying to figure out what "I" want to do with my life...forgetting His ways the entire time) and so much of it had to do with my last blog.  I told Matt that I just needed to hear from the LORD about what to do.  I felt "homeless" but in the way that I couldn't even sense home.  He told me that sometimes we just need to be silent and wait for Him to move (Exodus 14:14- I the LORD will fight for you, you just need to be still).  

The last blog was about homelessness. I had actually just started reading, at that time, a book titled, "Same Kind of Different as Me."  I finished it this morning.  It deeply changed me. Forever.  Here is part of the reason why: 

I was asking for the LORD to move.  I just needed something, anything. That topic was put on my heart for some reason or another before the book even began to be read in my life.  The irony was this: the last line in the book goes as follows-
"The truth about it is, whether we rich or poor or somethin in between, this earth ain't no final restin place. So in a way, we all is homeless-just workin' our way toward home.''

My eyes instantly filled with tears and I just looked up. Knowing He knew all along just how to speak to me if I would just be still and listen.

YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK.  Go to Powells, Barnes and Noble, wherever, you must read it.  It is a true story about a black slave (modern day times-think fifty years ago), him being homeless for 35 years, a millionaire art dealer, and the passionate heart of the art dealer's wife who felt one man (the one who looked furthest from it), could change the world.

Oh-it is a true story.  I discovered I really only like to read non-fiction novels.  

Me at the park by our house.  So pretty out today!