Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A brief intro.

My name is Anna-Anna Norman that is. You see, I recently married someone who I consider quite lovely (given the theme around here) and thus, my maiden years with "Wright" as my tail end have ended. 29 years-and presto, God gave me Matt Norman.

This is simply a little place for me to share what I find, what I seek out, what some of my dreams are, and why I think that there is much more to this life than many of us ever dream.  I follow Jesus (forgiven:)) and He has given me a heart that moves, dreams, asks questions, seeks things out, etc..  I am yet to figure out if my love for fashion is from Him (it must be!) but you can be the judge. My mother really seems to think it is a gift :) She might be biased...maybe.

So for today-go listen to this song pretty please: "You Can Have Me." By Sidewalk Prophets. It is my new life theme. Please hold me accountable.  Oh, and a little pic of something "lovely."  Yes, I like cows. Turns out they aren't too fond of me.  Apparently me not being a vegetarian has opposing interests to them.