Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To date our friends.

Well.  One of my bestest friends has met a delightful young chap (please disregard the potential British usage of language as I just finished watching Upstairs Downstairs). And, in order to date one of our friends, we must get to know you.

Very well then. Dinner party it is.

We are so hopeful for what is to come and we pinch ourselves just to think that we get to be part of peoples' lives. It is all very well, very well indeed. We are blessed beyond measure to get to celebrate life with other people and to truly cherish the happenings that make life a story.

We love you, girl.

Yes, Greg and Micah are that cool.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

To be love.

Oh the cost of love. It is beautiful but at its best and in its absolute most-inclusive definition, it is sacrifice. It is step-over-yourself, give yourself entirely, and then be willing to give a little bit more.  It is Jesus. It is how as a mom I have the smallest glimpse into what it must have been for Him to say that we were all worth His death (even though he was blameless...alas, I am soooooooSOOOOO not).

It's Jesus' last words on the cross, "'Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.' When he had said that, he breathed his last." Luke 23:46

I have been awful at giving up every last ounce of myself like Jesus did.  Especially without complaining.  It is a struggle to everyday choose to put another above myself, even my very own daughter. I get impatient, upset (she is a very, very strong little girl), worn-out/exhausted, and yet I know that children are a joy from the LORD and He knows I am the best mother for her.

It is still hard.  Our little girl has had a cold for two weeks, then a fever started yesterday, she awoke screaming in the middle of the night with her body going into convulsions every five seconds, we rushed her to the ER, found out she was okay (just a body's response to fever), found out she had an ear infection (took her in Monday thinking she had one but it was yet to come), then got her home and back in bed at 4am. Oh, and I didn't mention she has been constipated for three weeks, which is now figured out, and she has gotten four teeth in the last three weeks :)

And she is more than worth it. She is worth the end of myself (and my poor dear husband who gets up at 4:45 every morning). She is worth me being love-and the best, most holistic kind of love.

She is my agape.  

The Greeks had it right when they had four words for love. We seem to think one word can define me loving a french fry and me loving our daughter.  I think I side with the Greek language here.  

Agape is the most powerful.
It is the love that is selfless, unconditional and sacrificial.

It is Jesus. It is how we/I can be like him.

So thank you God for creating our perfect little girl-giving me a chance to have the slightest glimpse into how you could offer yourself as a sacrifice for all of mankind. 

She delights our souls.  She is a world-changer, I have that promise.  She will bring love to thousands and my death is worth it if she only brought your love to one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wee-fall is here!

Um...yeah. So I don't blog "well" so here are a 1.5 months of updates. Life has been beautiful and crazy.  And I might have learned one of the most essential of all life lessons as well.  Will write about it soon. Let's just say it has to do with joy and choosing.

The Normans...

1) Went to the coast, twice. Once for a church retreat and once to celebrate my amazing mother's 60th birthday. (photos to come) It was 75 degrees...
2) Celebrated Handsome's 36th birthday with our first night away from our punkie bean as well as little soiree with awesome friends (complete with American Dream Pizza)
3) Went to Washington DC to visit Matt's amazing sister for 6 days*
4) One of my bestest of besties got engaged and they surprised me in DC (she lives in NYC) and I started crying.  And her ring...wowsers, Pat.  I mean it's soooo gorgeous.  I told her it was like one of those rings you would see on the classiest 80 year old lady at airport and then hope you got to be the heir :) (Well I didn't tell her I would hope to be the heir but...)
5) Had a dinner party to get-to-know another of my besties' new boyfriends. Did I mention I cried when I found out he officially asked to date her?  Well I did. Another tear shed for love.
6) Dinners with amazing friends (Cecils: we love you and are in awe of your family and your hearts). Morgan-you delight my soul

About the crying thing: I LOVE my friends.  They are salt of the earth sort of people and to be honest, I barely think anyone is worthy of them.  Hallelujah many of them have met insanely awesome men and thus, I cry when I find out their good news.

*And in case you are wondering how 7 hours on a plane with a baby was...here is my advice: 1) don't do it if you don't have to. 2) Try not to fly with a constipated baby (sooooo sad-we are ditching "real" food for now and sticking to what she loves, milk). 3) If you can, fly first class (for real. We had miles so we used those. Let's just say it left us desiring to always fly first with a baby. I don't think the fancy pants business people liked it as much). 4) Again, try not to. Of course Ruth doesn't like her car seat so road trips are out of the question for us for now but it is a great option.

Here you go!!!

Gracie's Brunch.  Ridic. If you live in Portland, you MUST go and get the bread pudding french toast. Yep. I couldn't stop smiling.

Us returning home :)

She was rubbing her top teeth against her bottom and her faces because of it were epic.

Matt's birthday at home with my hottie girlfriends.

And the handsome boys (and a dancing Alomae) 

Dinner with the incredible Cecils (Emma is Ruth's bestie)

DC first lunch with Aunt Kate! 

Natural History Museum.  I barely stopped smiling here to..you'll see why below.

It's a fox, like daddy's tattoo! 

Here's why! YOu could hold bugs! I LOVE bugs! And you could hang out with hundreds of butterflies!

And this my dear friends, is a madagascar hissing cockroach.  Yeah! 

Pure joy.  Hopefully you saw our instagram pic of Ruthie flying 

I asked how much it would cost to get married in here on my 8th grade trip: it was $25000 then (without anything but the space)

The engaged beauty!!! 

Highly recommend the Bike the Sites tours!  Ruthie might not...

Future Uncle Pat! 

xoxo, Anna N